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Steve White

Steve White, CEO, Board Member

Steve White is the Chief Executive Officer of Harvest. Steve founded the company in 2011 with an understanding that while cannabis can improve lives, there was a lack of trusted and high-quality companies to offer patients access. With that market potential in mind, Steve embarked on a mission to build the largest and most trusted cannabis company in the country.

As the company’s face and leader, Steve brings a passion and dedication for driving change for the better with his employees and within the industry while also focusing on Harvest’s exponential growth and continued leadership in the cannabis market. By winning licenses across the country, optimizing the consumer experience, building a trusted ecosystem that delivers top-quality and safe products, and setting industry-leading operational standards, Steve has become a leading figure in the cannabis industry who understands how to navigate the complexities of regulations and how to build a large scale, national brand. He works closely with regulators to influence policy decisions and is an expert on the financial marketplace for cannabis. His understandings of the trends, risks and policy initiatives allow Harvest the opportunity to bring cannabis to the forefront of the CPG market.

After opening Harvest’s first dispensary in Arizona in 2013, Steve worked there for several months handling day to day operations including fulfilling orders, performing reception duties and consulting with patients. Through that hands-on approach, Steve created a company that is rooted in the notion of improving daily lives through cannabis and providing greater access for consumers.